Elide Fire is a simple and most efficient automated fire extinguishing device that might help you reduce the fire risk and at the same time it is an effective tool to bring the fire once broken out under control.


Elide Fire is a fully automated fire extinguishing device.

Elide Fire is simply to be thrown towards the epicenter of fire.

Elide Fire is self-activated when in contact with an open fire and douses the flames efficiently.

Elide Fire has a guaranteed service life of minimum 5 years without inspections or revisions.

It is high time to take responsibility for yourself and for life!
Our company now offers the lifesaving fire - extinguishing device Elide Fire with which you have every chance to have your lives spared once endangered.

It protects you without you !!! Quenches immediately !!! Advanced automatic self-starting powder extinguishing system. The easiest way to protect against fire. In case of fire FIRE simply throw balls into the source of the fire or simply the location of fire extinguishing ball itself is activated and the fire ZAHAS within a radius of eight meters. Simple to use, suitable for everyone!

ELIDE FIRE is the simplest and most effective measures which can reduce the risk of fire, while the resulting fire effectively resist. Almost universal use of a revolutionary simple principle means assured that the ELIDE FIRE can always rely on.
Samoaktivační system - unattended !!!!
Maximum efficiency of protection in areas with high fire risk
High efficiency devices (combination of properties has manual and automatic. Apparatuses)
Versatility (possibility to extinguish el. Devices, solid, liquid, gaseous, flammable materials)
Possibility of extinguishing electrical equipment under voltage up to 5000 V (which is five times more than the classical powder extinguisher)
Ensure early extinguishment of fire in rooms measuring around 8 to 10 m²
Secures extinguish the fire in the volume of 30 - 35 m³
It contains an active professional extinguishing powder mixture (Furex 770)
Will emit a warning beep: 120 db
Shockproof (up to 2.5 m) does not affect its functionality!
The total weight of the composition: 1.5 kg
Slaked destroys objects
He has a guaranteed lifetime of 5 years without any maintenance and revision
Harmless to human health
It serves as an additional complement of asset protection

Advantages ELIDE FIRE:
Easy to use (just thrown in the fire or the location of a fire)
Active safety (continuous 24h)
instant alerts (alerts for a fire)
Firefighting safer (using a safe distance from the fire)
for everyone (manipulation handle children and seniors)
without risk to health (not damage health, the environment or slaked objects)
no additional cost, guaranteed 5 years
The effect of the first stage of combustion:
Automatic self-extinguish fire in the embryo (in the time interval to 3 seconds!)
Blaze is under the absolute control
Self-extinguish the flames within a radius of 8-10 square meters
Self-extinguish fires in a volume of 30 - 35 m³
Issue a warning beep: 120 db
Prevent the possibility of further development of a fire in the neighborhood
Prevent further possible vznítění fire
The effect of the second stage of combustion:
Reduce combustion temperature by a whopping 400 ° C!
Dampen the intensity of the fire
Allowing locating the epicenter fire
Creating space and time for the possible evacuation of vulnerable persons
In extensive (large) fire extending the time for more efficient use of professional fighting equipment
Extending the time for rapid intervention professional rescue fire fighting ingredients
Difficulties in extinguishing fires

Have you ever noticed that 90% of people are not able to use firefighting equipment if they come into conflict with fire?

Recognize the following figures?

You do not know exactly how to actually use it. The device is bulky, heavy, difficult to work with and wrong with him going to fire.

You need to get to the fire, but due to high temperature and can not smoke. In the panic and the inability to use a fire extinguisher, you heels.


Overcoming challenges

Revolution instruments Elide Fire offers benefits over conventional methods.

Low weight - about 1.5 kg, suitable for women, children and people of retirement age.
Easy to use - simply drop the flame or installing on a risky site.


You do not need to get into the immediate vicinity of the fire
Environmentally friendly. Elide fire is made of non-toxic materials
Activation of the device and its driving force is not harmful to humans or the environment
Your bodyguard - for 5 years without maintenance, always available with the unique ability to emit a loud alarm after activation - less than 140 dB according to fire regulations.

How to use Elide Fire

(Active use), thus throwing Elide fire in the fire - during a fire, take the nearest available device and simply throw it into the fire. Elide fire is naturally placed in an outbreak of fire, where it is most needed and is activated during 3 seconds. There is no need to pull the pins or to get close to the fire. No special training or skills required. It is not necessary to trigger the go closer to the fire or have special training.

(Passive recovery - fitting for automatic activation). One advantage of the device Elide Fire is the fact that it can itself be activated even in the absence of any person.

If placed in the appropriate areas of risk where it is likely that a fire occurs, it occurs automatically activated at a certain temperature and the fire will be extinguished immediately.


Elide Fire can be placed anywhere

- May be placed on shelves, tables, indoors or in any conspicuous place.
It is best to be installed in places where there is an increased risk of fire - like. Kitchen, hens, circuit breakers, timber, or near fireplaces.


The first can be placed on shelves, tables, indoors or in any visible location with easy access.
2. The best is to install it read, with a higher risk of fire - like. Kitchen, hens, circuit breakers, timber, or near fireplaces.

How it works

Technical Information

Weight extinguishing mixtures: 1.3 +/- 0.2 kg.
The total weight of the device: 1.5 + - 0.2 kg.
NEC: 4.0 g
Diameter: 147 mm
Alarm Volume: 120 dB (Impulse Noise)
Activation time: 3-10 sec from start of fire
Ensuring Firefighting 8 to 10 m 2.
Product Type: Other pyrotechnics, pyrotechnic extinguisher, category P 1
Registration number: 1395 - P1 - 0128/2010 (EU Standard)

Automatic application:

Install in places where there is an increased risk of fire.
ELIDE FIRE activates and starts to extinguish the fire alarm issue.


Manual application:

When a fire starts, throw the device away from bezbečné into the fire.
ELIDE FIRE itself activated to extinguish the fire.

Important notice:

This device is intended solely for firefighting.
Open to prevent damage or breakage of the product.
This device is for use only automatic for Class B.
Do not use in rooms without air supply.
Pairs of powder mixture can irritate the eyes and respiratory system.

Elide Fire can be placed anywhere

It can be placed on shelves, tables, indoors or in any visible location with easy access.
It is best to be installed in places where there is an increased risk of fire - like. Kitchen, hens, circuit breakers, timber, or near fireplaces.

Use of the product:

It can be placed on shelves, tables, indoors or in any visible location with easy access.
It is most effective to install a read, where there is an increased fire risk - such as. ,, Kitchen or near fireplaces.



Elide Fire will be the first to samoaktivujícím powder extinguisher. It is primarily a technological breakthrough because of its benefitiate is rapidly becoming the standard in the market for protective products against fire.

Easy to use - Minimal learning curve, no pins or passwords without spare parts
Compact and lightweight - only 1.3 kg, ie. ease of use for users
Alone is activated, there is no need for the people in the place where the fire erupted
Its sound level is 101 db * * -140 db sound which is approved by the relevant standards
You do not need to face alone a high temperature near ohně- use of the device is safe
Makes no false alarms - an alarm will be activated only in case of fire
Aesthetic appearance and easy to install - you can either lay or hang
5 years do not require any inspection or maintenance
Lower costs for fire protection